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Hot Chilli Pepper Tofu

1 pack of firm fresh tofu, cubed
1 tbsp corn flour*
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, grated
1/2 inch ginger, chopped or grated
1 or 2 fiery chilli, chopped
1 1/2 tbsp mirin (cooking sake)
1 1/2 tbsp tamari soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp sesame oil
60ml water
pinch of coarse chilli powder or chilli flakes (optional)*
pinch of toasted sesame seeds
some finely chopped spring onion
rapeseed oil for frying
salt and pepper
I love tofu. It is one of those ingredient that carries flavours very well and depends on how you cook them, it changes its texture from soft and tender to crisp and crunchy.
This dish is easy to prepare and simple flavour combinations of hot and sweet works wonders.
It is great with steamed rice, any grains or simply tossed in salad.
You could also add blanched green beans or broccolis.
First of all, pat dry tofu, cut them into bite size cubes and coat them lightly with corn flour. Sprinkle pinch of salt. 
If you have more time, you could place the block of tofu on a plate with another flat tray on top and use something heavy to remove excess moisture more effectively. Couple of cans of baked beans will do.
Tofu should be good to handle after 30mins. Blot it with some kitchen paper before you cut them. 

* Use of corn flour will help to absorb the moisture from tofu and gives nice texture when fried. It is not essential if you want to skip.

Heat some oil into the non stick frying pan over medium to high heat, and gently shallow fry them until golden. This should take around 5mins. 

Remove cooked tofu cubes and set aside.

Use the same pan, heat little more oil, if necessary and gently sweat the onion until softened. Add garlic, ginger and chilli.

* I tend to add the flaked chillies and the half the amount of fresh chillies at the beginning to introduce some chilli flavour into the oil and add the rest at the end of the cooking process to keep the freshness.

Add tofu, mirin, soy, sugar and chilli powder, if using, along with water.
Bring them up to boil and simmer on low heat until tofu has soaked up all the juices. This simmering process allows tofu to take on the flavours of the sauce.
You may want to add more sugar, soy or salt to taste.
Add lots of freshly cracked black pepper. Drizzle sesame oil and seeds for the gorgeous nutty flavour.

Sprinkle finely chopped spring onions.


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