About Me

Hi, I am Su; woman responsible for extremely infrequent blog posting.

I started this blog back in January 2011 over a glass of wine. You can read why and how I got it started here.

I relocated myself to England from Seoul, South Korea in 2000.
I live in west London with my husband, Toby who is an established photographer in food and drinks and our daughter, Kiki who loves seeing the world upside down than right way up.

I share stories of motherhood, family and food from my humble kitchen. I was awarded as 100 best food blogs by Woman and Home magazine and contributed many recipes to CookAnd magazine Korea.
If you read my blog, you may already know, I quit my day job last March 2016 following what I call a post natal identity crisis and embarked on ongoing journey of self discovery. I am now working on creating simple and understated garments using linen and denim for children, that gets better with the age and wear, designed and made in UK.

I am not a chef but a passionate cook who likes to throw a decent spread occasionally.

I advocate my father’s ethos of family who eat together stay together, and would love nothing more than just to be able to set a good example of being a decent human being for my darling daughter.
I am secretly a hippie at heart and love being barefoot.

I don’t tend to do product reviews as such. I am however, interested in collaborating with so many talented and creative people and brands who supports ethical living and motherhood.
You can email me at babaganujblog@gmail.com

Thanks for dropping by.